Why Why Eva Sewing- Top 5 Reasons Businesses

1. World Class Embroidery Machines at Factory Direct Prices (exlude JANOME) - While nearly every other commercial embroidery machine in the World is sold though a distributor, Eva Sewing are available to you at factory direct prices (exlude JANOME) . The absence of a middleman markup allows us to sell machines that are comparable in quality and features to even the most expensive brands, but at a price that others cannot match.

2. Getting the Right Equipment First - While most suppliers in our industry are moving towards a business model of trying to sell you an assortment of equipment needed to run an entire apparel decorating business, we remain focused on getting you the right Embroidery Machine for your goals, budget, and business model. If, by some chance, we don't fit you in the right equipment on our first try, we offer a free trade up within the first 6 months.

3. The Industry's Easiest to Use Software

4. Extensive Training with Ongoing Support - Without proper education, we know that starting you new embroidery business may be tough. That is why we've designed a comprehensive 4-day workshop that not only educates you on how to use your new machine and the software that powers it, but also provide guidance on how to run your new business profitably. We explain the three streams of income for an embroiderer (garment mark-up, digitizing, and embroidery) and how to maximize profits in each area.

5. Innovative Maintenance Programs - We know that keeping your machine running optimally is essential to the success of your business. For this reason, we have designed an innovative traveling maintenance program where our experienced maintenance teams roam the country servicing Eva Sewing for one low, fixed fee.